Happy Things

I’m fairly easily pleased, so I thought I might make a wee list of things that put a daft smile on my face:

My boyfriend, who in the very corniest way possible, is my absolute world.

  • Long phone calls with the people in my life who matter
  • Having my hair played with, I’m an absolute sucker for it. I’m useless against it!
  • Getting really involved in a video game’s storyline.
  • When said game includes the ability for my character to set things on fire.
  • Going out for dinner somewhere new, trying new foods from different countries.
  • Edinburgh’s Royal Botanical Garden, it’s absolutely beautiful.
  • Men with strong regional accents that are different from mine, particularly Spanish men speaking English.
  • When people are obviously talking passionately about a topic.
  • Although it causes havoc with my hand, I love writing letters and making handwritten lists.
  • Wearing glasses.
  • Essentially letting everything hang out with a very good friend, just relaxing at her flat, speaking crap, drinking tea, and watching terrible TV.
  • Receiving “snail” mail. Eagerly opening envelopes and seeing what’s inside.
  • Tea. Although I drink mine basically half cold.
  • The colour green.
  • Watching a veritable fuckton of TV. Favourites including Cougar Town, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Being Human, The Chase, and so many others.
  • Additional to the last one, I love the British sense of humour. Monty Python, Blackadder, The IT Crowd, Black Books to name but a few.
  • All of my (not really) guilty pleasures.
  • Long hugs.
  • My family, although they’ve been mentioned pretty low down in this list, I love them dearly.
  • Duvet/pyjama days.
  • Really long texts, although my phone can take days for the full length to come through.
  • Men’s hoodies and t-shirts, they’re so bloody comfy!
  • The fact I always have room for dessert.
  • Having a really long shower in one which has a lot of power behind it.
  • Pear cider.
  • My iPod, I very well may die without it over the next few weeks.
  • Rediscovering movies I loved when I was a child (most recently, Thumbelina).

Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

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