Well this is a bunch of space to explain myself in. How intimidating.

I’m Hana, and I’m now 21 and supposedly a proper adult – the shame!

More than a minor interest in politics – though very much disillusioned with the party political landscape. Believe all three of the main parties are now only slight iterations of each other.

Other interests include reading (where a lot of my inspiration for posts comes from just now), sports including football and rugby and gaming.

I watch too much TV and sports for any one person that it’s a wonder I get anything done, to be honest.

And that’s probably enough.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the follow. I discovered your blog when you ‘liked’ my post (what’s a great tool is a like button). your blog’s great, I envy you your fluency and expressiveness. I enjoy blogging, but always feel a bit clunky at it (even though I’m usually assuming no one is actually reading it!!), which is ridiculous since I’m old enough and, theoretically, experienced enough at writing (and oh my god talking – something I really know how to do!!) that it should just flow… Keep blogging

    • You’re very welcome, I enjoyed your post so felt it only right to have “liked” it (I’ve been getting a good few likes recently and every one brings a smile to my face).
      My expressiveness comes from a great deal of opinionated anger brewing away inside my chest, and the fluency is just me having to get the rage out before my head explodes!
      Keep at the blogging, and please know I’ll be checking out what you post 🙂

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