A True Dichotomy: I Am An Organised Mess.

Credit: nerdyknitter.wordpress.com

Credit: nerdyknitter.wordpress.com

The first book which I have finished in 2012, Jon Richardson’s not-an-autobiography-but-about-his-current-situation cleverly entitled It’s Not Me, It’s You! Impossible perfectionist, 27, seeks very very very tidy woman, has made me feel a little introspection is in order.

One of the first distinctions he makes between people is those who are “putters” and those who are “leavers”. Ask yourself the question – where are your keys? If you answered “Where I put them, in the *insert where the keys live here*”, then you are part of the former. If you answered “Uhm, where I left them”, then you are a leaver. Richardson makes the mistake in assuming that all people who are leavers lead chaotic lives. I am the opposite – I am a chaotic putter. I know where my keys, bag, phone and glasses are (I put them in the same place each night/when I come home). But I, like most people, misplace things like TV remotes, hair ties and socks. It actually drives me mad being this woefully inept at putting things where they belong.

As I read on, I had the realisation that I am an utter dichotomy. The very definition of an organised mess. My room at my parents’ house is tiny, yet I can’t keep it tidy. However, the books I have on the shelf above my bed are separated into fiction and non-fiction, then sorted by alphabetical order. I even took a few hours to sort my boyfriend’s mammoth CD collection into alphabetical order, and they’re kept hidden from view! I am organised, but I am lazy.

My compulsion to keep things tidy actually extends to updating this blog. If I have ideas, they are jotted in the back of one notebook, to later be copied out into the “draft” notebook. I write in pen, yet hate making mistakes. I am not above tearing out a full page after making a mistake on the second line.

If only my opening my bedroom door would look like this every day.

If only my opening my bedroom door would look like this every day.

I cannot abide people who are constantly late or are unreliable to get in contact with – Jon Richardson agrees with me on this. Perhaps it’s my own fear of being left behind by the normal people who turn up on time. It’s like the concept of time just passed some people by completely, like being an inconvenience to people in cinemas by turning up after the previews have started. Totally inconsiderate.

Richardson also talks about having breakfast in what he sees as being the right way, always leaving the best parts until last. I am quite sure my habit of eating food in a logical way stems from my disordered eating which still plagues me to this day. People talk of the joy of a roast dinner being eating everything together. No. It’s always vegetables, then potatoes, yorkshire pudding followed by the main event – the roast meat. This causes me to eat slower than most people – but there’s little more enjoyable than finishing a perfect plate of food. Yes, I am that easily pleased.

If my bed wasn’t so comfortable, and if I weren’t so damned lazy, my life would be a wonderful, organised place.

I really enjoyed this book, and even if you are not in the same type of mindset as myself (those content with keeping things unordered). This is a man who has a successful career as a stand-up comic in the UK and lives his life with what he believes to be Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. He can still live his life normally, but little things can really irritate him. It’s an interesting insight into his mind, and a very engaging read.

14 thoughts on “A True Dichotomy: I Am An Organised Mess.

    • Thank you for posting this on one of my most recent posts which doesn’t mention feminism at all.

      Also: statistics can be manipulated to say anything you want. What that article doesn’t say is that women are passed over in tradespeople posts (joiners, builders etc.) because those in charge assume women can’t do work like that. What of the overwhelming majority of men in boardrooms of companies because women are passed over as they are “too emotional to make the right decisions”.
      Total bullshit, reaffirming patriarchy. I guess you’d be happy with that, eh?

      • What’s typical about it? That I disagree with your position and thus call into question the validity of your supposed evidence?
        Because they’re not facts, it’s one interpretation of data.
        If you’re looking to pick a fight with someone over the reliability of data, you’ve picked on the wrong person.

      • Given that practice is falling out of fashion world-wide (note how the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, a large proportion of Europe, South Africa and even China don’t have state enforced conscription) it’s a very fitting thing to try and argue your outdated point.

        Also, *women. Not girls. At 18 did you call yourself a boy?

      • And how typical of you to entirely ignore anything which makes actual sense.

        Seriously, talking to hard-headed imbeciles like yourself is like bashing my head off a wall. You make a point, I prove you wrong, you continue your argument like you’re right.
        Erudite, I think not.

      • I didn’t proclaim that women are registered for the draft, so congratulations on reading (yet totally disregarding) what I said.

        If you have a problem with the draft (which I saw your blog about it being a “feminist beating argument”, by the way), then take it to someone who can actually do something about it. Just like I did when it was revealed that here in the UK, the health minister wants to reduce the available timescale in which a woman can have an abortion.

        You use apostrophes as quotation marks to point out words I haven’t used in reference to myself or the practice of the draft.

        Genuinely, you need a better title for your blog, because you haven’t got a clue.

      • Although your delusional girl-brain makes me laugh, I am through entertaining your evolved desire for drama, you will notice I never attacked your once prior, yet every response to me was filled with ad hominem attacks, so congrats on proving that feminism has destroyed modern girl’s manners. Here is a study for you about equality being bad, I doubt youll read it:
        Bye bye fem girl.

      • And thank you for proving that once again, you belong in the 1950’s.
        Away and find a flux capacitor, because feminism is not going to go away.

        Bye bye, misogynist.

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