Out of the Swing of Things

I need to start getting back into the swing of writing on here again. Since I posted about the potential risk to a woman’s right to choose which took more than a month to prepare, I am totally stumped with what to write about. I am now no longer working (proof that hard work is no guarantee of a permanent position in Christmas temp work) and have more time on my hands – so where are my ideas?

Over the last couple of days, when I have had access to the laptop I am writing this on, I’ve written four drafts, all of which have been defeated. This blog was meant to be for me getting out what I need to, and I’m not managing to get that done because it’s not engaging or entertaining enough. It’s not like many people read this, let alone comment.

I have been exploring wordpress over the last few days, engaging with people who have been writing on topics I have already dealt with and don’t really want to rehash. But it has been interesting, hearing another person’s viewpoint. Why do people not connect with me here? Is this my hidden corner of cyberspace with over 40 followers who’re meant to be reading little pieces of literary brilliance from myself?

Can someone in the news not just be an arsehole so I can get angry again? It would really make getting back in the habit easier.

10 thoughts on “Out of the Swing of Things

    • If I knew that, I’d be set! I started a post yesterday about myself, but it seemed so self-centred I deleted it. All about the dichotomy of myself, my room is a mess, yet my books, clothes and everything are organised and ordered.

      • Haha thanks! There’s just so much! Whether it is about what I am trying to accomplish, what’s happening in my life right now, any piece of advice I can give to anyone that sees my blog, inspiration, art, the list just keeps going on haha. Maybe share with us what has inspired you in the past year!

      • See, there’s nothing really inspired me other than things which have happened in the news (which is why I’m waiting on someone being an asshole so I can be outraged).

      • Well, thank you for your input! I may head to bed soon to compose the post (I write most of my posts out in a notebook before publishing them), but I make no apologies if Mass Effect drags me away :p

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