Looking in a Literary Mirror

Certain things we all have read will have hit a little too close to the bone. I often read blogs from people who I vehemently agree with, and this doesn’t phase me. It’s nice to read people online who think like me, it encourages conversation in comments sections. It’s partly why I follow so many blogs – I’m a conversationalist! Anyway, this isn’t the reason why I’m writing today.

Like-minded people are great, but what disconcerts me are people who write in a way similar to my own, about experiences very similar to those I have had myself.

The book which I am currently devouring (seriously, I am currently 69% of the way through and started it yesterday on my bus back to my parents’) has certainly disconcerted me. The author had a slightly different childhood to my own, growing up in a middle class house in the Home Counties yet found university to be useless in a teaching sense – only in a social one. University has made me feel more self-confident. I moved up to Edinburgh as a shy, breakable girl – I feel almost the furthest thing from that now. Sure I still have my moments of insecurity, but I feel far better about myself.

Certain experiences in the author’s life have been very similar to my own. I am purposefully not revealing the title of this novel as it would give away far too much of my private life and too much of an insight to my psyche. She saw certain events which have occurred in my life (after moving to Edinburgh, I should say) in similar ways to myself. She’s had a fair bit more life experience compared to myself, and some of the things the author has experienced I could never imagine, but it is very interesting to see things from another perspective.

As I have been reading this novel, I have wondered as to why I am so closed up and private as to this aspect of my life. I can’t even talk about it on Girl-Support, and those girls know almost everything there is to know about me. The author is so honest, unafraid and likeable in her approach to these situations – I just can’t see myself ever being that open about what goes on in my head.

I am yet to finish this novel, but at my current rate I’ll have it finished by the end of today. My head is full of conflicting thoughts and a little curiosity.
I’m sorry about my abstract post, and not sharing what it is I’m reading. I’m just not comfortable sharing THAT much about what goes on upstairs.


Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

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