Meet The Men of Strictly Come Dancing Series 10

In a continuation of my post about the women of Strictly 2012/13, this is my post about the men. Have a read, see where I think the gents will come and if you have thoughts, tell me about them!

Colin Salmon and his partner, Kristina Rihanoff:

As Colin Salmon was introduced to the crowd, my mind struggled to think of who he was. It took me going to IMDB to find out he had been in Resident Evil, and that’s where I recognised him from. Those of you reading who like Bond films will recognise him also. He’s tall, so the likelihood is that he’ll do reasonably well, unless he falls flat on his face. I think Craig Revel-Horwood may want a bit of him, and the sexual comments may be directed his way.

His partner, Kristina Rihanoff is most likely to be remembered as the woman who became involved with Joe Calzaghe during his brief stint on the show. I find her a bit odd-looking, but the British public kept John Sergeant around for weeks to continue gawping at her bountiful breasts.

Johnny Ball and his partner, Aliona Vilani:

I’ll be honest, the only thing I know about Johnny Ball is that he’s Zoe Ball’s (who did very well on Strictly) dad. I’d probably be best leaving it there than pretending to be some authority on him.

His partner, Aliona, won the show last year with McFly’s Harry Judd. Since she joined the series, she has been my favourite of the female dancers, she’s always lovely when interviewed, isn’t cheeky to the judges and gets the best out of her contestant. I can’t see this couple doing well, but I may well be wrong.

Louis Smith and his partner, Flavia Cacace:

Silver medalling Olympic gymnast Louis looks like he may be all athleticism and no skill this year, judging from what he said to the walking corpse Bruce Forsythe. I think the younger women may vote for him as the strength of the male talent on the show this year is rather sparse. If Louis can devote himself as much to dance as he does to the pommel horse, he may do better than his expectations.

His partner, Flavia Cacace is one of the strongest dancers on the female side. She is the dance partner of Vincent Simone, and they do a phenomenal – absolutely unbelievable Argentinian tango (which in my opinion, is the sexiest dance ever). I think if Flavia can bring out Louis’ confidence in his own ability, they could go very far in the competition.

Michael Vaughan and his partner, Natalie Lowe:

Michael Vaughan has all the pressure on him, though perhaps not as much as his phenomenal Ashes win in 2005 (yes, I watch cricket too. I’m a bundle of surprises!). Past cricketers, Tuffnell aside, have all done very well in Strictly. There may not be enough room in the final few to fit Michael and his partner in.

I’ll put this out there right now: I’ve never liked Natalie. In her first series, and ever sine, she came off as so far up her own backside I felt like kicking her. I imagine she’s popular with men, given the masses of blonde hair, proclivity for wearing the skimpiest outfits possible and her mile-long legs. I still don’t want her to do well, cricket legend as her partner or not.

Nicky Byrne and his partner, Karen Hauer:

I have my reservations about Westlife’s Nicky for one reason: his career performing live was essentially a night of sitting on a stool, standing up near the end of every song when the key changed. There was no dancing involved in Westlife. They were the ballad kings. For this reason, I don’t think he’ll do very well.

His partner Karen, is the only new dancer to arrive this series. This being true, I have no opinion of her built up, though I’m sure that will form quickly once the show begins properly. She may have her work cut out for her first season.

Richard Arnold and his partner, Erin Boag:

Richard Arnold is a showbiz presenter on the ITV breakfast show (which changes so often, I’m afraid of putting a title as it may be wrong on Monday morning). I’m not a fan of showbiz reporters, shouting at people on the red carpet, but Richard’s opening video made him seem at least a little likeable.

Erin seemed very happy to be dancing with Richard. I imagine he’d be a great deal of fun, but may be annoying after a while. I imagine they’ll be a great couple, but don’t think they’ll get very far (although Erin is my favourite ballroom-favouring pro dancer, she’s just so graceful).

Sid Owen and his partner, Ola Jordan:

Sid Owen, or better known as his TV alias “RICKAY!” on Eastenders, is the typical useless dancer they bring in every year to laugh at. It’s good that he’s come along and agreed to be awful.

He may be around longer due to male votes though, as Ola Jordan (who has a body I would happily kill for) is dancing as his partner. Ola will try her best to kick Sid into shape, she doesn’t mess around and despite her small stature, she can be pretty scary. Potentially the first couple to leave.

Do you agree with my picks for the gentlemen, as to who will go far and who will flounder? Comment below.


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