DP Challenge: The Sounds That Make Me, Me.

I adore music of all sorts. I always loved music during high school. I loved everything that was available. I learned to play a wide range of instruments, those small enough you were terrified of breaking them (such as a little glockenspiel, producing tiny yet significant hints at something magical appearing in the near future), and those which were actually big enough to support my 5ft 2 frame (sorry, Mrs. Norman!).

I played in the school’s tuned percussion group from when I was in second year (and had the talking to from the history teacher mentioned in my post written to a teenaged me). At first I felt very odd at giving up a lunchtime to do something so inherently uncool. I mean, what kind of self-respecting teenager wants to play an instrument bigger than them?

I loved the sound of the marimba, the cool sound of woollen mallets striking the massive wooden bars resonating around a room in four part harmony. It really relaxed me, for all it took so much effort and practice to improve. Though, improve I did. I was lucky enough to have had an excellent teacher, who must have saw some degree of potential within me, as she taught me personally how to use four beaters. I still don’t regret the horrific claw hands I wound up with after hours of practicing changing the distance between the two mallets I had in each hand.

I loved the listening section of music also, being introduced to so many wonderful pieces of “classical” music (the term applies to the classical period, although all pieces of music which involve an orchestra are often referred to as classical). I loved listening to the twinkling sound of the harpsichord which signified music from the Baroque period. I loved the playfulness of Mozart’s composition. I even loved the utter bizarreness of music introduced to us as “bonkers minimalism”.

I adore a variety of modern music, also. I can quite happily browse my music library and find Beyoncé happily beside Biffy Clyro, and Shakira beside Slipknot (seriously). I have my parents to thank for my varied and probably bizarre taste in music. My mother has a similarly eclectic taste, harbouring loves in equal measure for Journey (yes they did more than just Don’t Stop Believin’), Duran Duran and the Sex Pistols. My father is a rock fan, he introduced me to the funk-infused brilliance of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy, the theatricality of Queen, and the balls-out insanity which make AC/DC so unique. Though, my heart does lie in rock. It must be a family thing.

I still apply the concepts learned in my music classes to the music I listen to today (though regrettably, what appears to be hitting the mainstream now all appears to be cover versions of some of my favourite songs by some breathy woman).

I’m one of those people who is always listening to something on the bus and no matter the mood I’m in, there’s something there for me which agrees with me. A prime example is the other day, when I was travelling on the bus, hadn’t slept well, and was feeling quite down. I found Bon Jovi, and his reaffirming, though cheesy, stadium rocking anthems. One particular lyric, accompanied by Richie Sambora plucking his way through a little ostinato pattern sang

“Some, day I’ll be Saturday night, I’ll be back on my feet, I’ll be doing alright. It may not be tomorrow baby that’s O.K. I ain’t going down, gonna find a way”

Isn’t that just wonderful? It personally makes me feel comforted by the fact this song was written so many years ago, yet I can relate to it in my current situation.

Great music and lyrics never die.

If I May Put Forward Two Lists of Favourites

Well, even if I may not, I’m going to write them anyway (with links to videos, which you can check out if you feel so inclined)!

Starting with my top 5 favourite pieces of “Classical” music:

  1. In The Hall of the Mountain King – Grieg
  2. The Nutcracker Suite –  Tchaikovsky
  3. Minute Waltz – Chopin (these guys came to see us play and complimented ME!)
  4. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Mozart

And my top 5 favourite songs

  1. The Light and the Glass – Coheed and Cambria
  2. Aqueous Transmission – Incubus
  3. Truce – The Dresden Dolls
  4. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night – Bon Jovi
Marimba man image from http://www.tiwy.com/pais/guatemala/telon_de_platanos/marimba.jpg
Also, this post is an entry to the DP challenge

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