Slight Nostalgic Moment

I was just having a flick through some of my older photos on facebook and came across these beauties from when I was 15. My friend Emma had always been interested in taking photos, so myself and some of my friends at that time helped her out and provided her with people to take photos of as she wasn’t interested in panoramic views.

I’m just laughing at how painfully emo I look in some of the photos, particularly those in which I was wearing this outfit. The t-shirt wasn’t mine, but I borrowed it from a friend and “forgot” to give her it back for months! I remember how long it used to take me to straighten my hair within an inch of its’ life, then walk outside and it would start to go back to being wavy. Now I just don’t care, if my hair decides to be one way, I just let it. I’m too lazy to care about it, as long as it’s clean. My makeup looks a little lighter here than I remember, but I think Emma may have done it for me anyway.

The belt! I’ve never been a fan of having jeans which require a belt, which explains why that one looks as if it was going to slip right down my legs if my backside wasn’t in the way. I had 3 of those, all for the sake of my own vanity, they served no purpose. I loved my rainbow one though (which I found recently and it has sadly broken).

Finally, moving down to the shoes. I had 2 different pairs of those Vans that seemed to be everywhere, though I sold a pair on to a guy in my class at school.


It’s funny looking back at how I used to dress (considering the outfit was essentially all black, and it was beautifully sunny (I’ll find and post a picture in colour) and wondering how I ever survived!

Did you ever dress massively differently to how you do now? What made you do it? Share pictures!

One thought on “Slight Nostalgic Moment

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