Lacking a Social Life Has Done Wonders For My Face

Face Masks

Face Masks (Photo credit: obscene_pickle)

Since I started properly suffering with issues affecting my hips, my social life has slowly been drying up to the point now, where it’s 11pm on a Saturday night (it was when I started this), and I’m blogging, sober, whilst watching the roundup of today’s football on TV. A year ago at this time, when Chris and I had just started going out, I had only just recovered the main body of weight I’d lost after being so ill over Christmas and New Year last year (3 bouts of flu and yet I still refuse to get the injection) and my skin was in a total mess. I’m not sure if it was purely hormone based, but my birth control did help it, at least a little. But I just didn’t have time between university work, seeing friends and seeing my boyfriend to look after my skin in the way it should be.

Now I’ve been taking notice of what deals are on in the pharmacy for skincare products instead of just picking the cheapest ones. For example, if you spent £5 in store, you would receive a £5 voucher towards an upmarket skincare brand’s products, which were also available for 3 for 2. So you’d pay full price for one, get £5 off another, and get the third for free.

My Saturday night routine now consists of a decent feed, deciding which time suits me best to take my long soak, and actually taking the bath. I was never one for staying in a warm bath for a long time, but now I absolutely love it. It takes away all the cares of the day! I attend to my own personal grooming, then when I’m almost done, I use my fancy skincare things, finishing up with a 20 minute relaxation session to let my face mask dry. It’s doing wonders!

I’ve never advocated it before, but I think everyone needs to take at least an hour out for themselves, and just sit in a nice hot bath. It’ll do you, your skin, and your bones wonders!


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