An Employer’s Market

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I’ll say this now. I’m absolutely sick of hunting for jobs. Filling out endless application forms for jobs I’m either under or massively over-qualified for because I have 5 highers and no degree (yet). It’s infuriating, and yet, I still don’t know why I’ve still not got a job.

Every week, on average I send out roughly 10 applications for a range of jobs, from office work to bar work, to self employed cleaning positions. Now, seeing as I’ve gone through the effort of filling out these applications and have written hundreds of arse-licking covering letters, you’d think that employers might even have the common courtesy to email/write back to me to explain why I haven’t been successful with my application.

Considering I was genuinely surprised when I received a printed letter from the solicitors in my hometown. I thought they were contacting me about something else, not about the job I applied for nearly a month ago. You never know what their reason is, just that they don’t respect you enough to send a simple “thanks, but no thanks” letter. It’s the first rejection letter or email I’ve received in 2012.

From the choice of jobs I told you about earlier, it’s plainly obvious that I don’t have any preference to what sort of work that I do, just that I can get out there and do something. I don’t like having to visit the jobcentre and sit with the cretins who obviously have no intention of ever taking up work. I can’t deal with living on just over ₤50 a week. I want to get out of my parents’ house and start my own life with my boyfriend once he comes home, but I can’t move back up to the city and live rent-free unless he begins some high-powered career, and clearly with the job market as it is, that’s unlikely to happen. Also, I don’t want to be a burden to him. Our relationship is primarily based on the fact that we’re equals, so I don’t want to have to rely on him so we have somewhere to live.

So why is the only work I’ve managed to get in the last 2 years is a low paid tutoring position which was less than 4 hours a week, and a month’s temporary work over Christmas in Boots? I bloody loved working as well, and in interviews I’ve been told I’m obviously enthusiastic, but I’ve had a grand total of 3 interviews that I can remember, two of which I was successful in.

I’m at the stage of wanting to proclaim myself as a Jewish lesbian from the democratic republic of Congo just so I can’t be guaranteed an interview due to equality and diversity law.


Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

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