Quiz Shows Really Are Just Pure Greed, Aren’t They?

As I’ve said before and I’ll undoubtedly say again, I watch a lot of TV, and I have a slight obsession with watching game shows. This includes Pointless, thus why I have the image up there. But this post is about ITV’s The Chase. For those who haven’t watched, a team of 4 strangers each have to individually answer a quick-fire round, then make their way down a multiple choice board, before those who manage to make it down the board all come together for the “final chase”, where they play for an equal share of the prize money in the pot. It’s this supposed team effort that leads me to become frustrated with the contestants.

During the first round, you are given one minute to answer as many multiple choice questions as you can. This is simple, the questions never appear to be too difficult (to me, I’ve seen people come through the round after having only got one question right, and even one man who managed to somehow get none). It’s the next part which is supposed to separate the weak minds from the tough. Although those who are lucky also manage to escape the clutches of the Chaser (a quiz brain, for example Sean was a Mastermind Champion). It’s a question of if you’re a gambler or not. If you stick with the cash you’ve won from the quickfire round, you start 3 steps ahead of the chaser, who then offers 2 sums of cash, for a step closer to “home” you are offered a lower sum. If you’re feeling particularly bright, or greedy such as is the topic of this blog, you can move one step closer to the chaser for a significantly larger amount of cash.

I can understand why people would take the larger amounts of money, but why risk it just for pure greed? It always baffles me. You’re unlikely at the best of times to go away with any money (the last round is particularly difficult), so why risk the rest of your team having a chance by adding more to your share of the pot?

I suppose it adds to the excitement of watching the show for some people, but I really couldn’t care less for someone scraping by, by the skin of their teeth. When I watch things on TV, I want people to do well (aside from The Biggest Loser, that’s special). It’s why I can’t watch Deal or No Deal, because there’s no degree of skill to it, it’s just some overly emotional berk picking out random numbers, crying over money they never had in the first place. It’s infuriating.

So if you could have been next in line to take the place of one of the Chasers, by all means take a punt at the higher offer, but those who think they can breeze by on luck need to get a grip. You’re not helping anyone’s chances and you’re not going to get into the final round. Stop trying to be greedy, the money was never yours in the first place.


Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

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