Double Standards For Double Digit Dress Sizes

So my second post is about something that needs to receive my ire – the double standards I come across online.. From what I’ve seen, the pro-ana groups that used to be around a few years ago have shrunk back and were never really that big a problem in the first place. What’s taken their place however, is a bunch of angry, fat girls, hell bent on making anyone smaller than them feel like shit.

So I’ve never been a “big” girl, I’m 20 years old and have never needed to take something bigger than a UK size 8, and I’m perfectly happy that way. I walk almost everywhere when I can, and use my crutches even when I can’t, work out as much as possible and eat relatively healthily. I wish there was more I could do, but because of my joints acting up, I really struggle. In honesty, I don’t see how everyone can’t do the same, I have busy days and still manage to get some degree of exercise in.

What I really can’t stand, however, is girls on this site who claim that girls my size aren’t “real women”. As far as I’m concerned, a real woman has 2 X chromosomes and a vagina. It has nothing to do with having big breasts, a rolling hill for a stomach and a fat arse. But because they’ve been downtrodden in “regular” (offline) society, bigger girls feel justified in talking shit to the skinny girls online.

Let’s take a recent example: Jenna, a friend of mine who helps me out with my forum received a comment from a large girl who doesn’t mean enough to get a link to her username put here saying “every girl has the right to be ugly, but you abused the privilege!” Now, I thought this was rude, so thought I’d go check out who the oil painting who posted this comment was. Here’s what I was met with as the first sentence on her profile:
“I do NOT think being a flat, bow-legged stick is a woman! So if you got an issue with thick chicks…GTFO, k thanks!”

Sentences such as that just rub me the wrong way, and totally get my back up. A big tub of lard is just as much a dangerous body image to have as one who’s a “flat, bow-legged stick”. So I felt the need to comment back, detailing my issue with her comments. So I got angry, and sent this back:
>I can assure you that even if my hip bones stick out, and my ribs, my boyfriend loves my figure. See, now if I were to start insulting all the fat girls on here by calling them disgusting and that they “make me puke” which sometimes they do depending on how they dress, I’d be treated like crap, but yet it’s ok for you to say that about women my size? A real woman does not have curves, she has 2 X chromosomes and a vagina.
>Your attitude is frankly disgusting, and your profile angered me so much I felt I had to comment.
>Just for a cheap shot, I wonder if you hate skinny girls so much because you ate one and she didn’t taste nice, right?
>I welcome any response you can conjure up.
>Hana (UK size 6 and definitely a real woman).

Perhaps not my finest moment, but you have no idea. Anyway, here’s the typical response you get when you confront people such as this one:

Ha no I find all thin women discusting
They think they are better then us
And frankly
You don’t even compare
I really do not care if I offended you
Don’t like it tough
Get the fuck off my page then
Oh and btw I barely eat
And my body is great to me
So grow the fuck up
Leave ur opinions to urself
After all its the net
And I will say what I want when I want

Now if she barely eats and is still that size, there’s something wrong, no? But by then the red mist had descended, so went off just a bit. By that I mean essentially verbally tore her open. I broke my golden rule – to not get involved in arguments with geniuses such as this bint.

And in her rage, I received the final response (and a blocking) – so it was finally over.

So I may be no oil painting, but I’m definitely not hideous. I have the kind of self confidence that has been boosted by the fact men “want” me. I don’t mind that, my own self image isn’t great so the opinions of others mean more than they should.

Right now, I’m going off to eat a whomping great chicken burger and I’m not going to give a shit. If anyone feels like calling me a fat git for that, I’ll laugh because I won’t get any bigger than this.

And skinny girls, if you receive that kind of abuse, fuck them! You’re every bit as female as someone 3 times your size, and don’t let anyone tell you different. Their insults come from jealousy anyway 😉

Hana x


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