Anyone who knows me personally knows I watch too much TV for it to be normal, and I like to keep up to date with what’s going on in the states. And this season, I’ve found many of my favourite shows to be lacking something, or have something added which upsets the balance.

Dexter ended on Sunday, and I have just finished watching the finale, which although exciting, had nothing on the previous five finales. The twist at the end however did make my jaw almost hit the floor, which I will say no more about.

It’s a gripe I have with the main subject matter of the series that I’m struggling with. I make no claim to be a religious person, and due to this season I’ve done some reading about the book of revelations which has led me to question religion even more than I already do, but that’s not the point I was trying to make. Basically, I get that America is a country that puts an unbelievable amount of importance into religious beliefs, but that shouldn’t mean that you need to base 12 episodes of a TV show on it. The end of the world isn’t going to be brought about by the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, some poor girl who likes sex (incidentally, such a woman is NOT a whore) isn’t going to be posed on top of some multi-headed crocodile/alligator. And why all of a sudden did Dexter start latching onto Brother Sam and his religion? He’s not going to get solace from anyone other than himself.

How I Met Your Mother has been irritating me too, with it’s baby-centric story line. Very good, Marshall and Lily are going to be having a baby, but it seems like it’s completely taken over from their character. They’ve already done an episode about how Robyn reacted to Lily talking incessantly about babies and conception. So why should the public have to put up with that now? I’ve no intention of having kids, and friends who have kids don’t go on about them even half as much as Lily is going on about her featus.



Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

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